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Our goal is to create The Best Website In The Fluid Power Industry. We’ve been working on this for a long time and now the time has come to bring it to life. Patriot Fluid Power’s new logo is the logo to look for seals, seal kits, o-rings, CC Jensen Fluid Filtration Systems and Oils & Coolants. Our webpage content is well thought out however, it all comes down to just one thing. We found the right people who took the time to make it fast and easy for our customers. There are no amazing Internet secrets. We don’t have any magical computer programs. Patriot Fluid Power doesn’t have any inside contacts at Google. We just worked hard on caring about our customer’s needs. Sure it’s important to care about the company, but I’m talking about the actual person’s needs and concerns.


When I was on a sales visit ride along with one of our sales guys I heard something I haven’t heard in years. Expecting a professional conversation about the needs of a typical injection molding company, I heard a lot about the owner’s cat. In kind our salesmen responded by talking about his cat. It was a strange yet wonderful thing. The conversation was about 45 minutes long and only about five minutes was about business. It should be noted that this particular customer is incredibly loyal to Patriot because of the relationship they have built with the salesman over many years. The fact is this customer could get his products from elsewhere. Our ability to care and go the extra mile makes us unique. Being that we are a “Service” disabled veteran owned business shows in the service we provide to our customers.


Now down to business… We decided to launch our site quickly in response to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) news. We want to be here for our customers. Patriot Fluid Power is part of the DEFENSE INDUSTRIAL BASE ESSENTIAL CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE WORKFORCE. We are here working diligently to get our great State of Michigan through this trial. Feel free to contact us anytime if you need anything. Especially if you’re in the food service or medical industry. We have a lot to offer from o-rings & seals to training and part identification.  If you arrived here from the email or social media you can come in through the front page by clicking here. We encourage all to stay home and let faith triumph over fear. We’ve been through worse as a Nation and this will end. God Bless the USA.

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