Our CJC® Fine Filters are offline depth filters for removal of the most common types of contamination sources: Particle, Water, Varnish & Acid. Built for all sizes of oil systems from ½ gallon to above 53,000 Gallons. CJC filters are installed offline, meaning system shutdown is not necessary when changing filter inserts. All CJC Filter inserts have a 3-micron absolute filtration ratio. They are produced of 100% natural cellulose fibers from sustainable resources – no metal, no plastic, no chemicals!

Remember, in-line filtration alone is insufficient! In-line filtration protects your oil system against larger particles, but CJC offline filters maintain your oil continuously clean and dry, free of also small and harmful particles using a constant pressure and flow. This is the best way to extend the lifetime of components and oil, minimizing breakdowns.

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In addition to the C.C. Jensen 45 day demo, Patriot Fluid Power now has a portable Oil Cleaning Fine Filter available for rental.

HDU 27-27 CC Jensen- Patriot Fluid Power

Our HDU 27/27 unit will clean your oil at a rate of 14.5 gal (55 litre) per hour and is available with the economical General Purpose “A” insert or the High Quality “B” inserts. Both inserts have a 3 micron absolute filtration ratio and particles down to 0.8 micron are retained in the unique CJC® depth filter media.

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Patriot Fluid Power - CC Jensen - Actual customer results

Water Removal

Water Removal - Patriot Fluid Power

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Maintenance is the largest single controllable expense in a manufacturing plant. With as many as 80% of all machine failures related to contamination in the oil, pro-active methods are saving industries considerable costs every year. Below are some true benefits of Oil Maintenance:

  • Up to 70% less machine stoppages and 60% savings in maintenance costs
  • Increases machine availability = higher productivity
  • Setup costs are quickly recouped (short ROI)
  • Increases lifetime of the hydraulic components
  • Continuous maintenance of the tank (no cleaning necessary)
  • Lower pressure loss and longer lifetime of in-line pressure filters
  • Reduces malfunction and rejects due to higher control accuracy (no varnish layer)
  • Increased lifetime of hydraulic oil
  • Minimizes oil purchase and used oil disposal costs


Contamination can take the form of insoluble materials such as metals, dust particles, sand, and rubber. The smallest particles are often responsible for defects, those below 2 µm, and better known as silt, resin, or oxidation deposits. Dirt holding capacity is the quantity of contamination retained by the filter insert when the saturation pressure is reached. This is measured in weight or volume. How much oil contamination a filter insert is capable of retaining is of highest importance for the cost of operating over a period of time. While most conventional pleated pressure filter inserts can retain less than hundred grams of dirt (<0.2 lbs.), they may be fairly inexpensive to replace. However, if the cost of removing 1 kg or pound of oil contamination is calculated, these conventional pressure filter inserts will suddenly appear quite expensive. A good quality cellulose based offline filter insert can retain up to several kg/lbs. of dirt, so even though the purchase price is higher, the calculated cost for removing one kg or pound of contamination will be considerable lower than that of a pleated pressure filter insert, giving lower lifetime costs.