MATERIAL :FKM/PTFE/BRASS/BRONZE (Standard)Temperature Range: -22°F (-30°C) TO 400°F (200°C)
*Temperature range and material color may vary based on individual compound
PART NUMBER :(SWCP)-(size number)-(suffix if applicable)
Suffix ‘VT’ designates Fluorocarbon material, ‘TF’ designates PTFE material

Patriot’s standard “SWCP” style wipers are made of 90 durometer

Shore A, Fluorocarbon & PTFE, with a double lip metal rod scraper and metal casing.

Metallic Rod Wipers effectively remove contaminants from the rod surface, helping to prevent the intrusion of foreign materials, allowing packings to last longer and maintain a better seal. They are self-adjusting, low-friction, long-lasting and are simple to install.

Our SWCP “Premium” Metallic Rod Wiper is comprised of two flexible brass or bronze rings encased in a synthetic rubber cushion with a secondary abrasion resistant, virgin PTFE, elastomeric wiper under the scraper rings for improved stability and added sealing/scraping to remove extremely fine abrasive materials. The cushion ring helps absorb side loads while exerting an inward force to keep the metal scraping rings in contact with the rod surface. A bronze case is added for increased durability where a press-in wiper is required.

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