MATERIAL :Bronze Filled PTFETemperature Range: -328F (-200°C) TO 500°F (260C)
ENERGIZER :Buna/Nitrile (BN70)Temperature Range: -40°F (-40°C) TO 250°F (121°C)
*Temperature range and material color may vary based on individual compound
HARDNESS :58 Shore D (See Chart)
PART NUMBER :(MOHW)-(IDxODxHGT)-(suffix if applicable)
Suffix ‘BN70’ designates Buna/Nitrile material, ‘VT75’ designates Fluorocarbon material.
Patriot’s “MOHW” Style Rod Wipers are a low friction, two-piece design, comprised of high-grade virgin PTFE compounded with enhanced Bronze fillers (seal) and an o-ring energizer. These wipers is designed for use in light to medium duty hydraulic cylinders and helps prevent leakage in the primary rod seal by controlling excess fluid as the rod extends. Contamination is prevented from entering the cylinder by the outer sealing edge of the seal.
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