MATERIAL :Urethane (Standard)Temperature Range: -65°F (-53°C) TO 200°F (93°C)
Buna/Nitrile (BN90)Temperature Range: -40°F (-40°C) TO 212°F (100°C)
Fluorocarbon (VT90)Temperature Range: -22°F (-30°C) TO 400°F (200°C)
Carboxilated Nitrile (CN80)Temperature Range: -40°F (-40°C) TO 212°F (100°C)
Hytrel® (H55)Temperature Range: -65°F (-54°C) TO 275°F (135°C)
*Temperature range and material color may vary based on individual compound
PART NUMBER :(H)-(Size Number)-(suffix if applicable)
Suffix ‘BN90’ designates Buna/Nitrile material, ‘VT90’ designates Fluorocarbon material, ‘CN80’ designates Carboxilated Nitrile material and ‘H55’ designates Hytrel®.
Patriot’s standard “H” style wipers are made of 95 durometer Shore A, TPU (Aromatic polyester-based thermoplastic polyurethane), and are a one-piece snap-in design, for medium duty cycle applications. Our H Style Rod wipers are a standard in industrial cylinders with an AN or BV style U-Cup as rod seals. The H Style Rod Wipers feature a wiper/scraper lip as well as a secondary U-Cup which serves as an extra safeguard against leakage.
Total: 29
ProductA Nom IDB Nom ODC Nom HgtL2STOCK 
H-0.50 12 13160.194″0.351″*1-3 DaysRFQ
H-0.62 58 15160.194″0.351″STOCKRFQ
H-0.75 341 1160.194″0.351″STOCKRFQ
H-0.87 781 140.212″0.351″STOCKRFQ
H-1.001″1 380.212″0.351″STOCKRFQ
H-1.121 181 120.212″0.351″*1-3 DaysRFQ
H-1.251 141 580.212″0.351″STOCKRFQ
H-1.371 381 340.212″0.351″STOCKRFQ
H-1.501 121 780.212″0.351″STOCKRFQ
H-1.621 582″0.212″0.351″STOCKRFQ
H-1.751 342 180.212″0.351″STOCKRFQ
H-1.871 782 140.212″0.351″STOCKRFQ
H-2.002″2 380.212″0.351″STOCKRFQ
H-2.122 182 120.212″0.351″STOCKRFQ
H-2.252 142-34″0.275″0.351″STOCKRFQ
H-2.502 123″0.275″0.351″STOCKRFQ
H-2.752 343 140.275″0.351″STOCKRFQ
H-3.003″3 120.275″0.351″STOCKRFQ
H-3.253 143 340.275″0.351″STOCKRFQ
H-3.503 124″0.275″0.351″STOCKRFQ
H-3.753 344 140.275″0.351″STOCKRFQ
H-4.004″4 120.275″0.351″STOCKRFQ
H-4.254 144 340.275″0.351″STOCKRFQ
H-4.504 125″0.275″0.351″STOCKRFQ
H-5.005″5 120.275″0.351″STOCKRFQ
H-5.255 145 340.275″0.351″STOCKRFQ
H-5.505 126″0.275″0.351″STOCKRFQ
H-5.755 346 140.275″0.351″STOCKRFQ
H-6.006″6 120.275″0.351″STOCKRFQ
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