O-RING CORD MORC BN70-BN90 Patriot Fluid Power
Seal Information (O-RING CORD MORC BN70-BN90)
TEMPERATURE RANGE :-70°F (-57°C) TO +250°F (121°C) Depending on compound
PRESSURE RANGE :Varies based on Diametrical Clearance (See Chart)
Chemical Compatibility :– Water
– Aliphatic Hydrocarbons (petroleum oils, mineral oil, mineral grease, diesel fuel, fuel oils, propane) vegetable oils
– Dilute acids, alkali & salt solutions – HFB, HFA & HFC Fluids
Buna-N, also known as Nitrile rubber, NBR, and acrylonitrile butadiene rubber, is a synthetic rubber copolymer of acrylonitrile (ACN) and butadiene. One of the most commonly used compounds in Hydraulics and Pneumatics.
Total: 30
ProductCross SectionC Nom HgtSTOCK 
MORC-1.0 BN701.0MM1.0MM*1-3 DaysRFQ
MORC-1.5 BN701.5MM1.5MM*1-3 DaysRFQ
MORC-1.6 BN701.6MM1.6MM*1-3 DaysRFQ
MORC-10.0 BN7010.0MM10.0MM*1-3 DaysRFQ
MORC-11.0 BN7011.0MM11.0MM*1-3 DaysRFQ
MORC-12.0 BN7012.0MM12.0MM*1-3 DaysRFQ
MORC-13.0 BN7013.0MM13.0MM*1-3 DaysRFQ
MORC-14.0 BN7014.0MM14.0MM*1-3 DaysRFQ
MORC-15.0 BN7015.0MM15.0MM*1-3 DaysRFQ
MORC-16.0 BN7016.0MM16.0MM*1-3 DaysRFQ
MORC-18.0 BN7018.0MM18.0MM*1-3 DaysRFQ
MORC-2.0 BN702MM2MM*1-3 DaysRFQ
MORC-2.4 BN702.4MM2.4MM*1-3 DaysRFQ
MORC-2.5 BN702.5MM2.5MM*1-3 DaysRFQ
MORC-20.0 BN7020.0MM20.0MM*1-3 DaysRFQ
MORC-24.0 BN7024.0MM24.0MM*1-3 DaysRFQ
MORC-25.0 BN7025.0MM25.0MM*1-3 DaysRFQ
MORC-3.0 BN703MM3MM*1-3 DaysRFQ
MORC-3.5 BN703.5MM3.5MM*1-3 DaysRFQ
MORC-4.0 BN704.0MM4.0MM*1-3 DaysRFQ
MORC-4.5 BN704.5MM4.5MM*1-3 DaysRFQ
MORC-5.0 BN705MM5MM*1-3 DaysRFQ
MORC-5.7 BN705.7MM5.7MM*1-3 DaysRFQ
MORC-6.0 BN706MM6MM*1-3 DaysRFQ
MORC-6.5 BN706.5MM6.5MM*1-3 DaysRFQ
MORC-7.0 BN707.0MM7.0MM*1-3 DaysRFQ
MORC-7.5 BN707.5MM7.5MM*1-3 DaysRFQ
MORC-8.0 BN708.0MM8.0MM*1-3 DaysRFQ
MORC-8.4 BN708.4MM8.4MM*1-3 DaysRFQ
MORC-9.0 BN709MM9MM*1-3 DaysRFQ
* This is an estimated delivery time, all delivery times may vary depending on factory lead times. A confirming sales order will be sent to you with updated delivery information when necessary.