Seal Information (568 SILICONE S70)
TEMPERATURE RANGE :-75°F (-59°C) TO +450°F (232°C) Depending on compound
PRESSURE RANGE :Varies based on Diametrical Clearance (See Chart)
PART NUMBER :(568) – (Dash No.) (S70)
Chemical Compatibility : – Engine & transmission oil – Food & water (FDA compounds) – Brake fluid (non-petroleum base) – Animal & vegetable oil and grease – Diluted salt solutions – High molecular chlorinated aromatic hydrocarbons (flame-resistant insulators & coolant for transformers)
Silicone is an excellent seal material for high temperatures in static environments. Typically, silicone shows outstanding flex and fatigue life, strong ozone and UV radiation resistance, and physiologically neutral and insulating properties. Silicone can be synthesized with a wide variety of properties and compositions, allowing for great flexibility in performance.
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