TBU PTFE BACKUP-UP O-RING by Patriot Fluid Power
Seal Information
TEMPERATURE RANGE :-328°F (-200°C) TO +500°F (260°C) Depending on compound
PRESSURE RANGE :Varies based on Diametrical Clearance (See Chart)
Chemical Compatibility : – Most chemical agents & solvents
– High heat
– Non-toxicity
– Low coefficient of friction
– High dielectric properties

PTFE is a fluorocarbon solid, as it is a high molecular weight compound consisting wholly of carbon and fluorine. It is hydrophobic: neither water nor water-containing substances wet PTFE, as fluorocarbons demonstrate mitigated London dispersion forces due to the high electronegativity of fluorine. PTFE has one of the lowest coefficients of friction of any solid.

Teflon (PTFE) Back-up rings are known for high resistance to chemical agents and solvents, anti-adhesiveness, high heat resistance, low coefficient of friction, and non-toxicity.

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