BU UR95 BACKUP-UP O-RING by Patriot Fluid Power
Seal Information (BU UR95)
TEMPERATURE RANGE :-65°F (-54°C) TO +250°F (121°C) Depending on compound
HARDNESS :95 Shore A (See Chart)
PART NUMBER :(BU)–(Dash No.)(UR95)
Chemical Compatibility : – Hydraulic oil and gasoline resistance
– Pure aliphatic hydrocarbons (propane, butane, fuel)
– Mineral and silicone oils and greases
– Water, oxygen, ozone, and aging
– Excellent tear and abrasion resistance

Polyurethane rubber (AU-polyester urethane, EU-polyether urethane) is a thermoplastic elastomer formed by reacting a polyol with a diisocyanate or a polymeric isocyanate in the presence of suitable catalysts and additives. Urethane rubber is widely used due to its high strength, and excellent tear and abrasion resistance. Polyurethane also provides excellent permeation resistance.

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