576 DELRIN/NYLON BACKUP-UP O-RING by Patriot Fluid Power
Seal Information (576 DELRIN/NYLON)
TEMPERATURE RANGE :-40°F (-40°C) TO +212°F (100°C)
PRESSURE RANGE :Varies based on diametrical clearance (See Chart)
PART NUMBER :(576)–(Dash No.)
Chemical Compatibility : – Hydraulic oil Hydraulic oil and other petroleum-based fluids
– Excellent tear and abrasion resistance

For tough applications where low friction is necessary but higher temperature resistance is not a primary need for the application. Used primarily as a back-up (anti-extrusion) ring for O-rings, these Delrin®/Nylon® rings may also be used for u-cups with many non-standard diameters called out.

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