Remember and Honor

Remember and Honor - Patriot Fluid Power

Remember and Honor

Patriot Fluid Power is a certified service-disabled veteran owned business, because of this, Memorial Day is very important to us. To remember and honor those who have protected us we will be closed Monday, May 31st. We wish you all a happy Memorial Day and urge you to take a moment on Monday to thank those who have fought or continue to fight for us and to honor those who have lost their lives for the nation.

Memorial Day did not start as a national holiday, in fact it began in the community of Waterloo, New York. The people of Waterloo started a tradition dating back to 1866, where they took one day to hang up flags, and decorate the graves of soldiers. The idea caught on from there and people all over began to observe Memorial Day; however, it was not until 1968 that congress made Memorial Day an official holiday.

Arlington National Cemetery - Patriot Fluid Power

Memorial Day has remained a widely celebrated holiday since congress made it official. One of the places where Memorial Day is most important is Arlington National Cemetery. On Memorial Day people come from all over to honor their loved ones who now rest at Arlington. This cemetery is filled with row upon row of perfectly aligned graves, each belonging to a soldier who has lost their life. On Memorial Day, Arlington becomes packed with those who are visiting their lost loved ones; they leave flowers and personal items to honor those who have passed away.

People have been celebrating Memorial Day since the end of the civil war in the 1860s. To this day we still take a day to celebrate and remember those who fought for and protected us. Whether you are spending time up north during this long weekend, or going about your day normally, please take a moment to honor those who have kept us safe all throughout history.

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