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CUSTOM SEAL KITS - Patriot Fluid Power

Custom Seal Kits save money

Patriot Fluid Power can save you time and money by supplying your Custom Seal Kits Made in Michigan! We can help you design, and package seals kits made from the highest quality seals in the industry.

What are the benefits to having us make your custom seal kits?

Time Savings

– Because more and more equipment is manufactured in Europe and Asia, the typical lead time for seal kits is 12-18 weeks, therefore increasing costly down time. Furthermore, you will save man hours by allowing us to measure and create the correct kit for your application.

Cost Savings

– In addition to the cost savings from reduced down time, we consistently show our customers a significant savings on the price of the kits.

Aftermarket Sales Income

– If you are an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) why not capture all the aftermarket repair parts for equipment? Patriot will package as well as private label seal kits to your specifications and include only your logo on the kit. We can stock and drop ship for you direct from our warehouse in Freeland, MI. Please Contact Us to have a member of our technical team assist you with your custom seal kit needs!

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