General :Resins meet or exceed requirements listed in ASTM 6314
TEMPERATURE RANGE :-100 °F to 482 °F
FLAMMABILITY :UL 94 VO rated. MFA resists combustion and does not promote flame spread
NSF :ALTAFLUOR® 600 MFA tubing is certified to NSF 51, NSF 61 and NSF 372
Spec Sheet :Click here for downloadable PDF datasheet.
PART NUMBER :(ALT) – (Material)(Wall thickness)-(Color code)
Like PFA resins, ALTAFLUOR® 600 resins provide excellent stress crack and chemical resistance. It has purity levels equal or better than most standard PFA resins. Additionally, the ultra-smooth surface finish of ALTAFLUOR® 600 tubing products make them ideal for applications requiring quick and easy clean out. MFA has superior clarity than PFA in UV and visible spectrums. For chemical applications not exceeding 480 °F, ALTAFLUOR® 600 tubing may prove to be a cost effective option. ALTAFLUOR® 600 tubing may be used with flare or conventional fittings.
** Lengths may be limited due to batch size – please contact us to confirm available lengths at time of order.
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