General :Resins meet or exceed requirements listed in ASTM D 3222>
HARDNESS :57-62 Shore D
FLAMMABILITY :UL 94-VO rated KYNAR® PVDF resists combustion and does not promote flame spread
FDA :KYNAR® PVDF is approved for use in food contact applications in compliance with FDA regulation 21 CFR 177.1500
NSF :ALTAFLUOR 550 PVDF FLEX tubing is certified to NSF 51, NSF 61 and NSF 372
Spec Sheet :Click here for downloadable PDF datasheet.
PART NUMBER :(ALT) – (Material)(Wall thickness)-(Color code)
PVDF FLEX (polyvinylidene fluoride) tubing is resistant to many commonly used industrial fluids and gases, including ozone, and does not support the growth of fungi. For this reason, ALTAFLUOR® 550 tubing is preferred for water disinfecting processes involving ozone such as aquarium, spa, pool, and agriculture. Additionally, it is ideal for applications with exposure to less aggressive chemicals and lower temperature exposure (over FEP or PFA) or those requiring low extractable levels. ALTAFLUOR® 550 tubing is compatible with most standard fittings (not suitable for use with flare fittings).
** Lengths may be limited due to batch size – please contact us to confirm available lengths at time of order.
Total: 19
ProductA Nom IDB Nom ODC Nom HgtL2STOCK 
ALT-550-0125-030-0C 116 18*1-3 DaysRFQ
ALT-550-0157-040-0C2MM4MM*1-3 DaysRFQ
ALT-550-0188-030-0C 18 316*1-3 DaysRFQ
ALT-550-0236-040-0C4MM6MM*1-3 DaysRFQ
ALT-550-0250-030-0C 316 14*1-3 DaysRFQ
ALT-550-0250-040-0C0.170″ 14*1-3 DaysRFQ
ALT-550-0250-047-0C 532 14*1-3 DaysRFQ
ALT-550-0250-062-0C 18 14*1-3 DaysRFQ
ALT-550-0313-030-0C 14 516*1-3 DaysRFQ
ALT-550-0315-040-0C6MM8MM*1-3 DaysRFQ
ALT-550-0375-030-0C 516 38*1-3 DaysRFQ
ALT-550-0375-062-0C 14 38*1-3 DaysRFQ
ALT-550-0394-040-0C8MM10MM*1-3 DaysRFQ
ALT-550-0472-040-0C10MM12MM*1-3 DaysRFQ
ALT-550-0500-062-0C 38 12*1-3 DaysRFQ
ALT-550-0625-062-0C 12 58*1-3 DaysRFQ
ALT-550-0750-062-0C 58 34*1-3 DaysRFQ
ALT-550-0875-062-0C 34 78*1-3 DaysRFQ
ALT-550-1000-062-0C 781″*1-3 DaysRFQ
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