General :Meets or exceeds the requirements listed in ASTM D 6867-03
TEMPERATURE RANGE :-320 °F to 500 °F
HARDNESS :60 Shore D
FLAMMABILITY :Resin is UL 94 V0 rated. HP PFA resists combustion and does not promote flame spread.
FDA :HP PFA is approved for use in food contact applications in compliance with FDA regulation: 21 CFR 177.1550
USP CLASS VI :Meets the requirements of USP Class VI
NSF :Is certified to NSF 51, NSF 61 and NSF 372
Spec Sheet :Click here for downloadable PDF datasheet.
PART NUMBER :(ALT) – (Material)(Wall thickness)-(Color code)
ALTAFLUOR® 450 UHP PFA (high purity perfluoroalkoxy) is commonly chosen for applications involving extreme chemical resistance combined with high purity requirements. Our tubing is made from a high molecular weight, high purity resin that provides excellent chemical resistance, highest purity levels and smooth surface finish. ALTAFLUOR® 450 UHP PFA tubing is ideal for use with flare or conventional fittings.
** Lengths may be limited due to batch size – please contact us to confirm available lengths at time of order.
Total: 30
ProductA Nom IDB Nom ODC Nom HgtL2STOCK 
ALT-450-0125-030-0C 116 18*1-3 DaysRFQ
ALT-450-0188-030-0C 18 316*1-3 DaysRFQ
ALT-450-0236-040-0C4MM6MM*1-3 DaysRFQ
ALT-450-0250-030-0C 316 14*1-3 DaysRFQ
ALT-450-0250-040-0C0.17″ 14*1-3 DaysRFQ
ALT-450-0250-047-0C 532 14*1-3 DaysRFQ
ALT-450-0250-062-0C 18 14*1-3 DaysRFQ
ALT-450-0315-040-0C6MM8MM*1-3 DaysRFQ
ALT-450-0375-062-0C 14 38*1-3 DaysRFQ
ALT-450-0394-040-0C8MM10MM*1-3 DaysRFQ
ALT-450-0405-068-0C*1-3 DaysRFQ
ALT-450-0405-068-0C [10] 180.405″*1-3 DaysRFQ
ALT-450-0472-040-0C10MM12MM*1-3 DaysRFQ
ALT-450-0500-062-0C 38 12*1-3 DaysRFQ
ALT-450-0540-088-0C*1-3 DaysRFQ
ALT-450-0540-088-0C [10] 140.540″*1-3 DaysRFQ
ALT-450-0551-040-0C12MM14MM*1-3 DaysRFQ
ALT-450-0750-062-0C 58 34*1-3 DaysRFQ
ALT-450-0840-109-0C*1-3 DaysRFQ
ALT-450-0840-109-0C [10] 120.840″*1-3 DaysRFQ
ALT-450-1000-062-0C 781″*1-3 DaysRFQ
ALT-450-1050-113-0C*1-3 DaysRFQ
ALT-450-1050-113-0C [10] 341.050″*1-3 DaysRFQ
ALT-450-1250-075-0C1.1″1 1⁄4″*1-3 DaysRFQ
ALT-450-1315-133-0C*1-3 DaysRFQ
ALT-450-1315-133-0C [10]1″1.315″*1-3 DaysRFQ
ALT-450-1900-145-0C*1-3 DaysRFQ
ALT-450-1900-145-0C [10]1 121.900″*1-3 DaysRFQ
ALT-450-2375-154-0C*1-3 DaysRFQ
ALT-450-2375-154-0C [10]2″2 3⁄8″*1-3 DaysRFQ
* This is an estimated delivery time, all delivery times may vary depending on factory lead times. A confirming sales order will be sent to you with updated delivery information when necessary.